Circle of Creation

LP Credits

Produced by Alex Kane
Mixed by Rich Veltrop, Alex Kane, Chris Renshaw at Loud Palace, Weed, CA

Vocals:  Chris Renshaw
Guitars:  Cody Green

Drums:  Mike Dupke, Gene Hoglan
Bass:  Mike Dupke, Marty O’Brien
Additonal Guitars:  Alex Kane
Backing Vocals:  Alex Kane, Chris Renshaw, Ashley Garland
Percussion:  Mike Dupke, Alex Kane, Chris Renshaw, Cody Greene
Keyboards:  Dave Christensen
Orchestrations:  Dave Christensen, Alex Kane
Female Vocal on “I Love You”:  Ashley Garland
Engineered by Alex Kane, Eamon Mitchell, Angelo Caputo, Sandy Solomon
Drums Recorded by Sandy Solomon
Sound Design and Sound Effects:  Alex Kane
Editing:  Alex Kane, Rich Veltrop
Drum Editing and Drum Sound Replacement:  Angelo Caputo
Mastered by…………………
Recorded at KSM Studios, North Hollywood, CA
Album Artwork by……………………
Album Artwork Design:  ………………, Chris Renshaw, Alex Kane
All songs written by Chris Renshaw and Cody Green
All songs published by (name of both your publishing companies and if youre ASCAP or BMI)

Special Thanks:  Sandy Solomon,  Alex Kane, Marty O’Brien, Ashley for your amazing vocals, Mike Dupke and Duda and W.A.S.P for the loan, Gene Hoglan, (Gene’s Manager), Jeff Young, Joe Sutton and Club Vodka, Brian Tichy,  Ric and Holly Browde, Clare Misstake, Stereo Cult, Alex Auxier at Orange Amps, Hank Ettel and Brandon Marlon at Peavey. Michael Mavrolos at Genuine Management, Steven Berez, Roomba the Studio Dog.


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