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Any conversation that begins with "Throughout my life I have been constantly betrayed," will be an interesting one and more than likely with a drummer, in this case Dylan Bennett of Casualty of God. Growing up in a musical household, Dylan, via his dad's love for music, quickly became obsessed with jazz and metal drums, citing Danny Carey and Ginger Baker as major influences. This seemingly strange combo gives him an entirely unique approach to drumming and "chops" that allow him to duplicate (and even surpass in some cases) the playing of Gene Hoglan and Mike Dupke, two of the most revered drummers in heavy music, on the Casualty of God LP. Dylan puts it this way, "With CoG, we hope to take this to a level where we are playing our music and putting on a full on theatrical show while giving you something to think about." He makes it sound so easy but maybe for Casualty of God it just is.

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