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Cody Green


Cody Green was born to play guitar. So much so that when he began his guitar obsession in grade school he tried to get his music teacher fired when she dropped guitar lessons and would only teach singing. No one know what became of that teacher but Cody just co-wrote one of the most dynamic, relentlessly piledriving albums heavy music has ever seen. Hearing rock and blues blaring from his parents beloved stereo, Cody immediately was drawn to the playing of heavy weights like David Gilmore, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Hendrix and Van Halen. He was able to at a very young age master the playing of these masters and then by adding alternate tunings, Arabic and Hindi scales as well as odd time signatures, he has developed a remarkably unique and heard-t-be -believed playing style. In Cody's own words, "People and society are fucked up and music is the only escape for me. That's why we (CoG) put so much time and energy much into our music and show. No egos, no bullshit! Just a bunch of motivated people with the same goal in mind: to give our fans a once-in-a-lifetime visual and musical experience while also giving them something to think about and relate to." The future of heavy is in capable and deft hands.

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